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Investigation of Odonata Diversity in different localities in Sudan

Esra Abdelrazig Elfaki


The Odonata and their habitats are a part of the world’s natural heritage and this insect order encompasses, worldwide.  This study aimed to survey the Odonata species in different sites in Sudan to update data of Odonata in Sudan.  A total of 184 individuals were observed from April 2012 to December 2013 and nineteen species of adult dragonflies and damselflies were collected and classified from 6 localities: Kassala, New Halfa, Dinder National Park, El Sabaloka Game Reserve, El Musawwarat and Om Dawwanban. Family Libellulidae showed highest diversity among the other families followed by family Congrinidae. Furthermore Brachythemis leucosticte, Pantala flavescens and Trithemis annulata from family Libellulidae present in all study area. With regards Tramea limbata was a new country record from Om Dawwanban area.


Odonata; Dragonflies; Damselflies; Sudan; Libellulidae; Om Dawwanban

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