Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

1. Provide a forum for scientific and clinical medicine publications.
2. Serve the medical community in Sudan and the region in the field of continuing medical education.
3. Offer opportunities for the publication of serviceoriented research and disseminate information aimed
at the promotion of health services.
4. Encourage the development of medical and allied sciences research.
5. Provide opportunities for development of expertise in medical and allied sciences education.
6. Act as a platform for the expression of professional and scientific opinion and exchange of information.
7. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of education and training in
the medical and health professions.

Ethical policies and procedures

• Any material submitted for publication in KMJ must conform to the ethical norms as defined by the Faculty
of Medicine, University of Khartoum, Research and Ethical Committees.
• Research papers must be the result of original work and should not be submitted for publication elsewhere.
• Any related previously published work must be referred to by the author(s).
• Authors and co-authors are equally and completely responsible for their manuscripts and should all be
aware of contents and have substantial contribution to the work done.
• Authors should accept full legal, moral, scientific and professional responsibility for their articles.
• Authors should include an acknowledgement of data, material or assistance they obtained and used that may
otherwise lead to conflicts with other papers.
• Reviewers and readers are expected to report any duplication or fraud they recognize in a manuscript
to the Editor-in-Chief. The Editorial Board will investigate the matter and take the appropriate action.
• KMJ reserves the right to accept or reject any article submitted for publication.


Professor Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Abdel Galil

Editorial Board

Professor Abdel Aziz El Amin
Professor Ahmed Hassan Fahal
Professor Ahmed Mohamed El Hassan
Professor Ali Mohamed Abdurrahman Barri
Dr Amal Mahmoud Saeed
Professor Ammar El Tahir
Professor El Rashid Ahmed Abdalla
Professor El Tahir Awad Gasim
Professor Ishag Adam Ahmed
Professor Mohamed Ahmed Abdalla
Professor Musa Mohamed Kheir
Professor Salah Ahmed Ibrahim
Professor Zein el-Abdien Karrar


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Tel.: +249155171858
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