Prevalence of Group B Streptococci vaginal colonization in pregnant women at Saudi Maternal Hospital, Omdurman, Sudan

A E Ibrahim, Mai Masri, S M Elsanousi


Background: Group B Streptococci (GBS) colonization in pregnant women usually has no symptoms,
but it is one of the major causes of newborn infection in developing countries.
Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of vaginal GBS colonization in
pregnant women at 35 – 37 weeks of gestation at Saudi Maternal Hospital, Omdurman, Sudan and to
determine their susceptibility to antibiotics.
Methodology: This is a hospital-based study that surveyed 125 pregnant women who attended Saudi
Maternal Hospital at the third trimester (35 – 37 week of gestation) from whom vaginal swabs were
collected to investigate GBS streptococcal infection. The data were collected using a questionnaire. The
isolated streptococci were identified by biochemical reactions, Lancefield grouping and Polymerase Chain
Reaction (PCR).
Result: 3.2 % of the pregnant females attending the Saudi Maternal Hospital had vaginal colonization
with GBS.
Conclusion: The prevalence of GBS colonization in pregnant women who attended the Saudi Maternal
Hospital during the period of the study was found to be higher than the figure of 1% found on the hospital
records. Screening and treatment of pregnant mothers to prevent invasive neonatal GBS disease is

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