Crossed Testicular Ectopia

Awad R. Abdalla, Eltaib A. Saad


Crossed testicular ectopia (CTE) is an extremely rare congenital anomaly, in which both testes migrate
towards the same hemiscrotum through the same inguinal canal. Herein we report a case of a crossed
testicular ectopia in a 6- month-old boy. The diagnosis was suggested clinically and supported by ultrasound
findings. On groin exploration, both testes were found in the right inguinal canal each one had its own vas
deferens and vascular pedicle. A trans-septal orchiopexy was performed by advancing the left testis via the
midline scrotal septum into the left subdarots pouch. Literature was reviewed, and mechanisms that are
postulated for this anomaly are presented

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ISSN: 1858-5345