Complementary and alternative therapies for premenstrual syndrome: an exploratory study

Hadayat A. Amasha, Ragaa Ali Mohamed, Haylaa Nageeb


Background: Data related to the use of complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) for
premenstrual syndrome in the communities is scarce. There is very limited information about
complementary and alternative therapies practice among nursing students in Dakhalia governorate,
Methods: A descriptive exploratory design was conducted in Dakahlia governorate, Egypt, on all
secondary technical nursing schools students to explore the use of complementary and alternative
therapies to relieve premenstrual syndrome.
A sample of 1120 students was included. A structured self-administered questionnaire (Arabic
language) was used for data collection in the period of March to May, 2014.
Results: Most of the study subjects (87.0%) used CAT to minimize symptoms of premenstrual
syndrome. Herbal therapy was the most commonly used as CAT followed by hydrotherapy,
changing food types, massage and exercise.
Conclusion: The majority of girls used CAT to minimize PMS. The greater part of students used
herbal therapy to relieve their symptoms, followed by hydrotherapy; food Change; massage; and

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