A Sudanese child with Parry-Romberg syndrome: evolution of symptoms and signs

Ahmed H M, Adil H M, A AF M, Mohanned H M, Amna HM A


Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS) is a rare disorder characterized by hemi-facial atrophy, skin hyper-pigmentation, convulsion and atrophy of the right upper limb together with arthritis of hand joints. It is generally considered as a self limiting disease, however, steroids, immunosuppressive drugs and hydroxyurea are used for the aggressive form of the disease. This case report is documenting the sequence of development of symptoms and signs of this syndrome and response to treatment with steroids. This is the first case report from Sudan.No disclaimer needed, Parents gave consent to photograph, and publish the case.


A Sudanese child;Parry-Romberg syndrome;evolution of symptoms and signs

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