Attitudes of final year medical students of Khartoum University towards euthanasia

Awad Mohamed Ahmed, Musa Mohamed Kheir


Background: This study aims to investigate the attitudes of the final year medical students of University of Khartoum towards euthanasia.
Methods: An anonymous questionnaire was distributed to 182 students.
Results: The response rate was 83.5%. The majority (71.1%) opposed euthanasia (64 males and 44 females), 76.8% of them stated strong religious concerns. The reasons for their decision included religious grounds, ethical consideration and fear of misuse. The proponents of euthanasia were 33 students (21.7%), 17 females and 16 males, four (12.1%) stated strong religiosity and all of them were familiar with euthanasia (as a concept). They stated reasons for their position such as unbearable sufferings of patients and respecting their desire and dignity.
Conclusion: The students were generally opposed to euthanasia; but expressed their willingness to participate in the international debate on euthanasia. Recommendations based on this study included curricular reform to study issues such as care of patients with terminal illness and medical ethics.

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ISSN: 1858-5345