Cytokines and their role in modulating the severity of Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Hassan DA, ElHussein AM, Abdulhadi NH


Malaria is the major cause of death in the tropical areas. Efficient clearance of Plasmodiumfalciparumparasites by the immune system depends on the type of immune response mounted by the host. Cytokines, as immune mediators, play a major role in the interplay between the parasite and the host immune response. It is believed that the balance between anti and proinflammatory cytokines is crucial in determining the outcome of malaria infection. Measuring the ratios of the opposing groups of cytokines can hence, provide clues to predict the prognosis of the disease.
*Corresponding author: Central Laboratory, Ministry of Science & Technology, Sudan. Email:

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ISSN: 1858-5345