Sex determination from cranial measurements in recent northern Sudanese

Altayeb A. Ahmed, Hassan A. Mohammed, Mohamed A. Hassan


Background: Metric discriminant function is accepted as a tool for prediction of sex. It overcomes the high cost and preservation difficulties related to DNA analysis. Such investigations are lacking in the Sudan and the
Arab world.
Objective: To develop discriminant function equations for determination of sex using computed tomography of the skulls of recent Northern Sudanese subjects.
Method: Seven radiological measurements for 110 crania from recent Northern Sudanese crania (69 males, 41 females) were recorded by the first author (A.A.A) using standard techniques.
Results: Males had statistically significantly greater measurements than females. Complete crania showed a high degree of sexual discrimination with 83.6 % success for recent Northern Sudanese for all variables
and 81.8% using best variables while the face and the vault alone showed discrimination in 70 % and 78.2% respectively.
Conclusion: Discriminant function equations for sex determination were developed for recent Northern Sudanese.
*Corresponding author: Anatomy department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Khartoum, P.O. Box 102, Khartoum, Sudan, E-mail:

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ISSN: 1858-5345