Case Reports Fat necrosis of the breast in diabetic patients

Haytham K. Suliman, Osama M. Ibrahim, Ahmed Mohamed EL Hassan, Ahmed Hassan Fahal


In this short communication, we report on two diabetic patients who presented with breast lumps that proved
to be breast fat necrosis. The first was a 60-years-old female diabetic patient who presented with bilateral
painful breast lumps. The second was a 45-years-old female newly discovered diabetic who presented with
a deep ulcerating right breast lump. The diagnosis of fat necrosis was a histo-pathological surprise in both
cases. In the second patient, there was histo-pathological evidence of diabetic mastopathy. The cause of fat
necrosis is uncertain, however, diabetes mellitus is proposed as a possible cause in these cases.


Case Reports; Fat ;necrosis of the ;breast in ;diabetic ;patients

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