Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soils From Muglad Basin Located In the South – Western Part of Sudan.

Hussein Elarabi, Mohammed Taha, Tarig Elkhawad


This paper reports geotechnical properties of lateritic soils within the area of Muglad basin located within South Kordofan state in Republic of Sudan such as sieve analysis, consistency, compaction, California bearing ratio (CBR) for such type of soils to evaluate its suitability in embankments and road construction projects within this area. Lateritic soils are highly weathered and altered residual soils formed by the in-situ weathering and/or decomposition of rocks in the tropical and sub-tropical regions with hot, humid climatic conditions. The soil samples were taken at prescribed locations within the investigated area and the results obtained for the aforementioned soil testing experiments showed that the lateritic soils can be used in number of engineering application among which roads, earth embankment and as building materials.


Lateritic soils; Muglad; sieve analysis; consistency, compaction; CBR; embankments and road construction

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