Genotypic Variability in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) for Seed Yield and Protein Content under Drought Stress during Vegetative and Reproductive Stages

Awadalla A. Abdelmula, Wolfgang Link, Amel Adam Mohamed, Sief Eldin Mudawi Gasim, Jamal Elkhair Khalifa


Faba bean (Viciafaba L.) is subjected to drought stress during
different growth stages. In this study, variability in seed yield and protein
content was investigated when drought occurred during the vegetative and
reproductive stages. Twenty-two genotypes of faba bean were fieldevaluated under three levels of drought stress at two locations in the
Sudan. The three levels of drought were normal watering (non-stress),
drought during the vegetative stage and drought during the reproductive
stage. Data were collected on yield and vegetative traits and protein
content. The results showed that yield, as well as other traits, were
reduced by drought. The genotypes exhibited significant differences for
100-seed weight, plant height and protein content. The interaction
between the genotypes and drought was significant for yield/plant. Some
genotypes were more sensitive when drought occurred during the
vegetative stage, some when drought occurred at the reproductive stage,
and others were more stable under the three levels of drought. Yield/plant
showed significant covariance with pods/plant and plant height. The
association between different characters varied according to the trait and
the time of drought incidence. The correlation of yield/plant with protein
content was negative under all drought levels, and the average correlation
coefficient was - 0.32. It could be concluded that the specific adaptation and the wide adaptation have great implication for improving faba bean
under drought. To select for high seed yield under drought, secondary
characters, such as pods/plant and plant height could be of great
importance. Drought could reduce protein content and affect its
association with yield/plant


Faba bean; genotypic variability; drought; protein; yield


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