Sudan's Market Share in Saudi Live Sheep Imports: Situation Analysis and Trend

Babiker Idris Babiker, Awadelkarim Hamid Ahmed, Mohamed Ahmed Hassan El-Sammani


High demand for live sheep in the Saudi market resulted in
tough competition among the exporting countries including Sudan. The
objective of this paper was to estimate the Sudan export market share
(EMS) against its main competitors in the Saudi live sheep import market.
Published secondary data, from Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
and other related sources were obtained for the period 1992-2013. Trend
analysis and EMS index were applied to achieve the paper objectives. The
results revealed that the annual average import capacity of the Saudi
market for live sheep, during the study period, was about 163000 tons.
Sudan's EMS was about 30%. It ranked first followed by Syria, Australia
and Somalia. Generally, there was no stable live sheep export
performance. Trends of volumes and earnings of live sheep exported to
KSA reflected frequent fluctuations for most of the exporting countries
including Sudan. Based on the findings, the paper recommends more
official support to be directed towards this export business. Export policy
reform is a necessary action towards strengthening Sudan's position as a
major exporter of live sheep to Saudi Arabia given the many Sudanese
export sheep advantages such as superior quality, vicinity to the Saudi
market, adaptation to the Saudi environment, abundance of production
and the historic, economic and social relations between the two countries.
Also of importance, is embarking on a comprehensive promotion effort
for this commodity through all possible means. Moreover, conscious work on a strategy to penetrate other markets rather than the complete reliance
on the Saudi market is of vital importance.


Live sheep; Sudan exports; Saudi market; trend; market share; competition.

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