Incidence rate of blood parasites in some Dairy Farms, Nyala, South Darfur State, Sudan

Adam M.E., Salih D.A., Malik K.H., A/Rhman A.H.


This study was conducted in dairy farms around Nyala town, South Darfur State. Seven dairy farms were selected as sentinel herds to study the incidence rate of blood parasites in dairy farms around Nyala town. Bleeding was done at monthly interval for twelve month from August 2003 till July 2004. A total of 1229 blood smears and buffy coats were examined by conventional parasitological methods for blood parasites. All cattle in diary farms were resident crosses of Frezian and local breeds. The study showed high incidence rate of theileriosis 3% in August, 2% in September and (2.9%) in December followed by anaplasmosis (2.1%), filariasis (3.1%) in August, Trypanosoma vivax (1.5%) and Trypanosoma theileri (1%) in September. The study showed that tropical theileriosis is an emerging threaten to the growing dairy industry of South Darfur, while the presence of migratory cattle around dairy farms during the rainy season in the presence of biting flies presents a source of trypanosomosis to resident cattle through mechanical means. Further studies using more sensitive diagnostic methods besides indepth ecological studies of H. a. anatolicum are required to take the required actions against blood parasites threating dairy production in South Darfur

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