Proceedings of Second Conference on Civil Engineering

2nd Conference on Civil Engineering , University of Khartoum


This volume contains the papers to be
presented at the Second on Civil Engineering,
CCE 2018, December 03-05, 2018, Khartoum,
Sudan. This conference is hosted by the
University of Khartoum in a collaborative
organisation between the Faculty of
Engineering, the Building and Road Research
Institute, and the Water Research Centre.
There were 90 submissions that were
reviewed each by at least 2 reviewers.
Moreover, plagiarism check was carried for
all of the submitted manuscripts. Based on an
agreed upon criteria the scientific committee
decided to accept 64 papers (71.1% of the
submitted manuscripts – 144 authors). This a
significant increase compared to the 38
accepted paper in the first conference CCE
2016. The program also includes four invited
keynote speakers on the major research topics
relevant to civil engineering, including:
• Structural and Construction
Engineering and Management
• Water Resources and Environmental
• Road, Transportation and Geotechnical
The CCEE 2018 aims to bring together
scholars, researchers, educators, students,
professionals from all disciplinary
backgrounds involving various Civil
Engineering specialisations to share their
knowledge, research findings and practices
with each other. It also includes this time;
capacity building, advanced training
activities and a round table session on “Civil
Engineering and the Sustainable
Development Goals in the Sudan”.

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