Fathelrahman M. Adam, Hytham M. S, Mohamed G. S


This paper deals with the yield line analysis of orthotropic reinforced concrete two-way slab under the effect of uniformly distributed pressure load. The analysis was based on the method developed by Johansson, in which a general formula was derived to calculate the ultimate positive bending moment for the long span. The general formula depends mainly on the geometric dimensions resulting from the yield lines pattern as well as the moment's coefficients that have been used to relate the calculated moments with other moments. The moment's coefficients have been derived numerically using STAAD-Pro Software by adopting nine cases of boundary conditions with using different spans ratios range from 1.0 to 2.0. For the nine cases and with using different spans ratios, the ultimate bending moments have been calculated using yield line method. The results obtained were compared to that extracted from the BS8110 Code as well as those obtained using STAAD-Pro Software


Yield line method; Two-way Slab; Analysis of slab; Slab moment's coefficients

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