Ibrahim Mohammed Omer Awad, Salah Abdalaziz Ajban


Lean Construction in its simplest form means elimination of wastes from every aspect of the work process to get more optimum productivity, better usage of resources and better work condition. The main objectives of this study are to determine the awareness about Lean Construction within the engineers who work in the construction industry in Sudan, and to identify the factors that negatively affect the workflow of construction projects in Sudan. After results interpretation, the study ended with many results which are: The vast majority of the engineers who work in the construction industry in Sudan have no idea about Lean Construction and the main factors that negatively affect the workflow of construction projects are the delays in financing the projects and in delivery of the materials. The study reached to a number of recommendations, the most important of which are: Making steps toward enhancing workflow of Sudanese construction projects through deep study of the factors that affect the workflow negatively to overcome all stoppages causes and Hiring lean construction experts to play the role of directors to help actors who involved in the project establishing strong awareness to implement.


Lean Construction; Construction Industry; Workflow

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