Abdelaziz Fadoul, Walid Tizani, Christian Koch


Implementation of constructability principles in the AEC industry offers improved construction performance with smooth project delivery and savings in time and money. Previous studies suggest that appraising design constructability at the concept design phases provides great benefits to clients, contractors and designers. Considering the complexity of current practice in buildings design, there is a need to provide a decision support tool that assists the design team to assess their design constructability, utilizing embedded information in the design model. Such targeted tool is most valuable at the early stage of buildings design that constructability is considered in the design solution starting from its inception. Therefore, this research investigates how contemporary process- and object-oriented models can be employed assesse the design constructability, informing decision making at an early stage that supports design optimization.  


Constructability Assessment, Buildings Design, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Appraisal Framework

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