Bashir H. Osman, Mohammed Mokhtar, Lana Elabbas


The introduction of openings into reinforced concrete (RC) elements leads to reductions in the element’s overall
structural capacity and stiffness. These reductions attributed to stresses concentrations and local cracking at the
openings region. This paper presents a study aimed at investigating the influence of web openings at shear span of RC
beam on its shear behavior. A total of three beams with circular openings and one beam without opening were fabricated
and tested. The opening location and size, and shear span-to-depth ratios, were considered as the main parameters. The
FE model using ANSYS14.5 software was calibrated with the experimental results to ensure that the simulation process
is correct. Furthermore, the specimens were analyzed using ANSYS14.5 with considering the above mentioned
parameters. The results showed that the early collapse of the beam occurred when the openings located in a high shear
region. Furthermore, by comparing the non-linear FE analysis results with those from experimental tests, results were
showed good agreement


RC beam; FE analysis; Openings; ANSYS14.5; shear span-to-depth ratios

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