Yousif Hummaida Ahmed, Elsadig hassan Elsadig Khalaf Alla


This study compares properties of six locally produced ordinary Portland cement brands in the Sudan using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). It investigates their compliance with Sudanese and European standards. Furthermore, to examine consumers’ claims that certain brands outperforming others. Chemical, physical and mechanical cement
properties have been collected from Quality Control Unit (QCU) of each factory. Also samples have been collected from local dealers for each factory and tested for same aforementioned properties. It has been observed that all brands comply with the Sudanese and European specifications for ordinary 42.5N Portland cement with regard to levels of chemical oxides, fineness & initial setting time. However, for compressive strength, according to both standards, three brands are classified as 42.5N, while the other are 42.5R, which should not be used in hot climates. However, one brand
could also be dually classified as rapid hardening cement 42.5R or ordinary Portland cement 52.5N by the European Standard. The ANOVA has shown significant differences between these brands especially in compressive strength
hence supporting preferences of consumers to certain brands.


Sudanese produced OPC cements; Quality control units in cement factories; ANOVA

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