Magdi M. E.Zumrawi, Eman A. E.Abdalla2


Recently many researchers used industrial waste in soil stabilization as low cost materials and to save the environment. In this regard, an attempt is made to evaluate the use of Marble Waste Powder (MWP) to stabilize expansive clay. Soil samples were mixed with varying proportions of MWP (0%, 10%, 15 % and 20% by dry weight). Laboratory experiments include sieve analysis, Atterberg's limits, Standard Proctor, Unconfined Compression Strength (UCS) and Free Swell were performed on treated and untreated soils. The results revealed that addition of 20% MWP to the soil significantly reduced the soil plasticity and free swell index by almost 12%, while the UCS greatly increased by almost 3.5 times of the initial value. It’s concluded that the use of MWP will improve the expansive soil properties and it is beneficial for economical and environmental considerations.


Expansive soil; Marble Waste Powder; properties; stabilization

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