Shaza.F. Azhari, Samah Osman, Mubarak Faisal Mubarak, Ahmed Abdelaziz Ahmed, Mazin Tarig Mahgoub, Mohamed Adil Osman


As vehicular traffic continues to increase in Sudan, the accidents also continued to threaten the safety of the road users causing more accidents and fatalities. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the road safety assessments, better geometric design and improving the level of service on the roads. This paper assesses and evaluates the safety of Khartoum-Madani Highway. A site visit was conducted to assess the traffic safety. Focusing on the geometry design and safety parameters. Traffic counts were conducted at the peak hours to determine the level of service of the road. In addition, a questionnaire about traffic safety on Madani highway has been distributed and analyzed using (SPSS) program. From the results of this study, it was found that this road contains many problems. Different solutions were suggested to deal with these issues.


Road safety;traffic accidents;level of service

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