FathElrahman E. Nur Eldayem, Samah Ahmed Hagou


Building footings are usually susceptible to soil settlement and swelling, uniform or differential. The settlement and swelling causes higher stresses in building elements. The settlement and upheave are classified as main reason for structure failure and serious instability problems. This research investigated the effect of strap beams on improving structural resistance to settlement and upheaves using numerical methods of analysis. Two cases of problems were considered. Case 1 is a R/C building subjected to differential settlement due to excavation for part of the building to construct a basement. Case2 is R/C building subjected to differential upheave due to increase in the moisture content of the expansive soil. For both cases severe structural cracks and displacement of foundations had taken place. SAFE program was used to predict the settlement and upheave of the foundations for the two cases concentrating on the results of the displacements while moments and the shear forces can be obtained. ABAQUS program for finite element was used to calculate the displacement of foundations and stress introduced in the soil in case1. A strap beam is used to solve the problem for the two cases. The sections of the strap beam used were concrete strap beam and cased beam for case1 and case2, respectively. The results indicate that strap beam can reduce the differential settlement and differential upheave greatly.



Strap beam; stability;settlement;upheaves;numerical analysis

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