Ahmed Mustafa Maglad, Ahmed Gasim Mahmoud, Ibrahim G Shaaban


In this research seismic analysis of beam-type bridges in Sudan was studied. Burri and Al Manshia Bridges were taken as case studies to investigate seismic effects. The two bridges were constructed at Khartoum State. The selected bridges represent pre-stressed concrete box and I-Girder beam-type bridges. The seismic analysis was performed by two
methods, direct integration time history analysis and response spectrum analysis.
A computer program has been developed in MATLAB and was used to analyze the problem under research. The Commercial Structural Analysis SAP2000 program was also used for the comparative study and it was found that it
gave typical results. The developed software has been found to be efficient, reliable and easy to apply.
It was found that bridge response in terms of displacements, shear and moments was directly proportional to the peak
ground acceleration (PGA).


seismic analysis; beam-type bridges; response spectrum analysis

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