Journal of Faculty of Education <p>Peer reviewed, Scientific journal Published by Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum</p> en-US Journal of Faculty of Education الهكسوس ودورهم الحضاري في مصر القديمة <p>This study aims to respond to the claims of the historians that the Hyksos are foreign, and barbarian tribes had occupied Egypt and had spread Corruption, and destruction. They had tortured its people, had stolen their money and property. They had also destroyed its temples, and fortifies .Then the Egyptians threw<br>them out after establishing the modern Egyptian state at the era of the Feraohnee Ohmsthe first. The study clarified the origins of the Hyksos, their religion, how they entered Egypt and the Constructions and civilized establishments they established in all the Egyptian places. The study conclusion has shown an interesting fact which is that the Arab Hyksos are Arabian tribes, they had great and pioneer civilization which Egypt got benefits from even after throwing them out after along age and generation.</p> عصام كامل جبر مخيمر Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 أثر تعلم المفاهيم العلمية الخطأ بكتاب فيزياء الصف الأول بالمرحلة الثانوية في السودان على التعلم اللاحق للطلاب <p>The scientific paper aimed to identify the Physics misconceptions in the first year book of the secondary school stage, and the extent of their effective to the students’ subsequent learning.<br>The descriptive and the experimental methods were followed, that, with the book content analysis, and an application of pre and post tests, to discover the misconceptions effect to the subsequent learning. The sample were the fourth year Physics students, at the Faculty of Education – Khartoum university, which contains 24 students, chosen with an intention method. A pre test was conducted, then the corrigenda were done, and a post test was conducted. The statistical analysis program (SPSS) was used to analyze the data. The scientific paper comes out to the following results:<br>There are scientific misconceptions in the first year Physics book at the secondary instruction stage.<br>The use of different methods of teaching, help in the correction of the Physics misconceptions, which students acquired.<br>Students learning to the misconceptions, affect their subsequent learning.<br>The percentage of misconceptions frequency to some Physics conceptions varied to the students with a large degree.<br>The paper recommended that: the revision of Physics teacher rehabilitation and training system, and to follow the scientific methods in how toauthoring the Physics books at the secondary school stage, and specialists should participate in preparing the scientific syllabuses.</p> عبدالله سيد أحمد محجوب عبدالمنعم حسين بابكر محمد Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 LA SITUATION DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT DU FRANÇAIS AU SOUDAN (Bilan d'une expérience décevante) <p>Teaching French in Sudan has developed for over 04 years ago. It is the second European language after English to be the language of instruction until the arabization of the Sudanese educational system in 6522. This language is taught in schools, at universities and French institutes.<br>In fact, the strategic location of Sudan between the Arab world and Africa besides its cultural richness would enable it to establish relations with francophone countries that favorite the teaching of French language.<br>French language will not only enable to Sudan to consolidate its strategic position inside the African Francophone countries but also to promote the knowledge of the writers of the French language.<br>This paper displays the situation of teaching French in Sudan by giving a brief historical background to French and English language teaching by presentation the principle establishments where French is taught, the conditions of teaching/learning and the characteristics of the Sudanese educational system. To give a clear picture of the situation of teaching this language, we presented the problems of teaching French at the Schools and universities. Observably, the conditions of French teaching at<br>universities are more favored than its teaching in secondary schools.<br>Despite the fact that the French plays an important role in communication, we find that Sudan hasn’t clear language planning for it.<br>Consequently we present some suggestions that might in some way enhance the status of the French language in Sudan. For instance training teachers and adoption of program exchanges with French and Francophone universities to ensure good teaching situations is a case in point.</p> Bachir Mohamed Adam Nadia Abdel Rahim Mohamed Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 تقرير عن ورشة إجازة التقرير الختامي لمراجعة السياسات التربوية بالسودان بفندق قراند هوليداي فيلا بالخرطوم /الأربعاء 23 أغسطس 2017 م <p>-</p> ليلى عبدالرحمن عبدالعظيم كرار Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 الشِّعر المؤيد لحكم بني أمَية في تاريخ الطبريِّ ( 310 )ه. <p>Umayyad rule supportive poerty in "tarikhAtabari" prepared by Dr.Suliman Abdalla &amp; Dr. Faiza Ali Awadaleem.<br>This study aimd to show the styles that were used by poets to Support "BaniUmayah state" in the book "the history of messengers and prophets" for Altabari. This book was chosen because of its mach poetry that was cited by the auther،hence its worth study. This study yielded many results،the most important of which. The poetry eited by Altabari to support Umayyad Rule is not all that is said in this term،but he missed a lot of poetry that is made in " Dawaween" of the poets of this era and the other compositions. The poets that the author cited their poetry come from different backgrounds such as the center of the state " Alsham and Iraq" state suburbs khurasan and Beyond.The pets motive was to compose supportive poetry for Umayyad rule using different styles in the different genres praising sati ring،congratulating،tribal poetry and the talksabout Islamic conquests،and finally qutaybah Bin Muslim is regarded as the only one leader who was praised among the others in the poetry that support the state،and that the was satirized for his state disobedience.</p> سميمان إبراهيم عبد الله إبراهيم فائزة على عوض العليم على Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 أثر استخدم برنامج العروض التقديمية في التحصيل الدراسي لمادة الرياضيات لطلاب الصف الثاني الثانوي بمحلية كرري <p>This study aimed at identifying the impact of using power point program in teaching mathematics to the second level students of secondary school in the locality of Karari. The researcher followed descriptive and experimental approach. The population from which the study sample is drawn consisted of 2406<br>students. The samples were randomly selected from the study population. The samples consisted of 24 students from Al Soraa bint Khabeer Secondary School for girls. The researcher used a achievement test as a tool to collect data from the study samples, along with the computerized educational program. By following the appropriate statistical methods, the data were analyzed using the statistical package for the social science (SPSS). The most important results of this study are: The use of power point slides has a great positive impact on student's understanding and significant statistical differences in the average understanding of the students selected for the study. The study finishing the following recommendations: it's of great importance to provide schools in public education sector with computers, encourage teachers to learn using computers in teaching mathematics' and keep the pace with every new trend in this field.</p> أبوبكر عثمان محمد جابر عبدالعظيم عبدالله الهادي عبدالله Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 Efficacy of "PESTA" Granular Formulation Myco-herbicides of Aspergillus niger spores in Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth Biocontrol <p>Aspergillus niger spores were isolated from diseased Striga plants at the Demonstration Farm Faculty of Agriculture, Shambat was used as a mycoherbicide for the biocontrol of Striga hermothica plant.<br>Sterilized dried sorghum straw, Alfalafa hay and sucrose were used, as solid state substrates for growth and multiplication. These were used in different formulations coated to sorghum seeds or mixed with soil or added after Striga emergence to spores of Aspergillus niger .<br>The results indicated that the formulation camposed of %07<br>sterilized sorghum straw , %57 alfalfa hay formulation and 57<br>sucrose was the best as it yielded the highest number of spores as compared to other formulations. Therefore, this formulation was selected for further application and was applied for inoculation of Striga seeds in the presence of its host (sorghum) seeds in different ways in the glass house at Shambat, Faculty of Agriculture.</p> Somia Basheir Mohammed Ali Ahmmed Ali Mahdi Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12 (جودة وإتقان إلتعليم في إلمنهج إلإسلامي (المفهوم -إلمبادئ- المحاور -الشروط <p>The study aims at identifying extent Islam is interested in mastering education and to revealing the existence of terms that mean quality and mastery of education . Also , to determine the most important conditions required in the educational process to ensure the quality , mastery and excellence of education .<br>Since the legal texts are certainty issues or recognized principles , the researcher used the deductive method to capture the educational principles and rules by tracking Quran Verses and Prophetic Sayings and the sayings of the good Salaf and the jurisprudence of the Muslim education scholars related to the quality of education as evidence and as influencing factors on the existence of quality.<br>The research has reached a number of outcomes , the most important of which are: The Islamic school of thought has included a number of terms that benefit the mastery and the quality ( such as fidelity , benevolence , reform and mastery ) and the Muslim individual had to practice these terms or meanings practically in his daily life because they are all acts of worship to his Creator ( God , the Great and Almighty) , whenever intention and good work are fixed. The results also showed that mastering and quality of education in the Islamic school of thought are based on a genuine basis of principles , including : Full<br>awareness of the purposes of Islamic Sharia , the status of knowledge and acting scholars , the virtue of teaching and learning in Islam. The results have also indicated that the Muslim State is responsible and the sole guarantor of mastering education through its duty to Sanctify knowledge , scholars and knowledge seekers and by providing the optimum environment necessary for mastering education . The research also stressed the importance of having specific conditions for the educational process (teacher , learner , curriculum , school environment and educational administration ) to ensure the mastery and quality of education and the protection of society from all forms of professional fraud.<br>In the light of the previous findings the research came out with a number of recommendations for mastering education , including : The school curricula should highlight the values of knowledge , scholars and knowledge seekers , and introduce the concepts of mastering education ( such as fidelity , mastery and benevolence) in teachers training programs and the profession ethics .</p> محمود طاهر محمود بلو Copyright (c) 2021 Journal of Faculty of Education 2021-10-24 2021-10-24 12