Ethical Issues in advertising in Sudan: An Islamic Perspective

Ilham Hassan Fathelrahman H. Mansour


This study aims to measure the impact of religious commitment on consumers’
attitudes toward ethical issues in advertising in a Sudanese context and how their
attitude is affected by the religious perceptions. A survey of 347 participants in
Khartoum was used in the analysis. Descriptive statistics and t-tests were applied to
analyze the data.
The results revealed that the consumers have negative attitudes toward ethical issues
in advertising. There are significant differences between highly committed and less
committed Muslim perceptions of unethical issues in advertising especially with
respect to exploiting women and children in advertising. There are no significant
differences between highly committed and less committed Muslim perceptions with
regard to deceptive advertising and unnecessary consumption factors. The study leads
to important managerial implications and identifies important ethical issues in
advertising that are conflicting with Islam principles and morals.


Advertising Ethics; Islam; Religiosity; Sudan;Ethical Issues in advertising in Sudan: An Islamic Perspective

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