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How YOU can maximise your tax return this year

by Deanna Bostic (2020-04-22)

The surprisingly full list of tax claims Australians can make while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic have been revealed. 

cantitatefreonpetipdemasina-200408154531Businesses across the country have been forced to allow employees to work from home after state governments placed heavy financial penalties on residents who leave their homes to curb the spread of the virus. 

As workers set up makeshift offices and work spaces to comply with the new policies, H&R Block director of tax communications Mark Chapman told Daily Mail Australia how people with home set ups can maximise their tax returns.

'You can claim any extra costs incurred from working at home.'

Businesses across the country have been forced to allow employees to work from home. Pictured: Australian personal trainer Tiffany Hall in her home office





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'Costs for things like lighting, heating, internet and phone usage will all likely rise during this period and you can claim those costs as long as you keep records.'

Mr Chapman said the easiest way to claim additional power usage is to have a designated office.