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Woman filmed urinating on Sydney train will not be charged by police

by Leonie Birnie (2020-05-09)

An young woman who appeared to urinate on a Sydney train will not face further action with police abandoning their investigation, saying 'no offence' had been committed

The blonde woman, 21, has shut down her social media accounts after footage of her squatting in a train carriage before wiping her soaked hands on the seat went viral.

The incident sparked a NSW Police investigation on Monday, but it was over almost as quickly as it began. 

'The investigation has concluded as no criminal offence is believed to have occurred,' a spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia on Monday evening. 

'No further police action is expected.'  

People continue to comment on the footage, which has been widely shared online.

It shows the woman squatting between two rows of seats on the train, supposedly relieving herself while beaming for the camera.

She puts her hands between her legs as a pool of liquid gathered on the floor beneath her, much to the horror of the girl filming the incident.

She then wiped both sides of her left hand on the seat as music played in the background. 

A young woman  was filmed appearing to urinate on a Sydney train and then wiping her hand on the seat

The woman's Facebook account and LinkedIn profile, which says she is an events planner, was taken down since the video was posted online.

'I guess anyone's reaction to it would be the fact it's harassment and bullying and it should be taken down immediately,' a friend of the woman told Daily Mail Australia.

'The things that are being said are disgusting.'






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A friend hit out at the wave of criticism the young woman has received because of the video

Hundreds of negative comments were posted when the footage was shared to Facebook with the caption 'happy International Women's Day'. 

One person had called the video 'feral' in the comments section . 'Says a lot about what kind of person she is,' they said.

'Her parents will be proud... embarrassing,' another added.

'I don't care if I'm a woman myself. I would have given her a mop and a bucket and made her clean it,' another said.