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What you need to know today about the virus pandemic

by Malcolm Tompkins (2020-05-24)

gingerbread_cookies_and_milk-1000x667.jpThe global lockdown put in place to stem the spread of the coronavirus is hurting the illegal drug trade.

Pressure continues to grow on governments to loosen restrictions ease the economic pain of lockdowns. In Germany, breweries are threatened with permanent closure. In the U.S., the coronavirus is accelerating the decline in the coal industry.

Still, there were occasional signs of hope: South Korea reported just eight more cases of the coronavirus on Sunday, the first time a daily increase has dropped to single digits in about two months. And in New York, the daily toll of coronavirus deaths has hit its lowest point in more than two weeks.

Here are some of The Associated Press' top stories Sunday on the coronavirus pandemic. Follow for updates through the day and for stories explaining some of its complexities.


- Experts have deep skepticism over North Korea´s claim to have zero infections.

In this Wednesday, April 15, 2020 photo, Javier Flamarique poses for a photograph at his wine store in Pamplona, northern Spain. As Spain hunkers down after five weeks of home confinement, there are the brave few who keep the country going during a coronavirus outbreak that has killed over 20,000 of their fellow citizens. These laborers_ butchers, taxi drivers, pharmacists_ in the northern city of Pamplona as well as the rest of Spain's cities and towns are unified by their courage and one piece of equipment: the face mask. (AP Photo/Alvaro Barrientos)

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