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Man found stuck in air conditioning vent said he was looking for cat

by Violette Haugen (2020-06-13)

A man was arrested after being found stuck inside an air conditioning vent in a Long Island dental office on Tuesday morning.

Sean Maranzino, 32, was found by employees of Calderon Dental Care in Bay Shore more than three hours after he became trapped, ABC New York reported.

'Hanging out from the ceiling, stuck, he was stuck,' said Heather Hernandez, an office employee. ' He couldn't get out.'

Dr. Mike Calderon, the dentist, laughed when he recalled that the accused burglar claimed he was doing when he was found.

'He was looking for his cat, and the cat's name was Sparkles,' Calderon said. 

Maranzino also reportedly claimed to be from the fire department and requested a ladder. 

Sean Maranzino, 32, of Patchogue, Long Island, told Calderon Dental employees who found him stuck in the ceiling that he was looking for his cat named Sparkles

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Maranzino was accused of five burglaries in the Suffolk County area in total

Employees of Calderon Dental Care in Bay Shore, Long Island (left), found the accused burglar trapped in the air duct (right) when they opened the office on Tuesday morning, more than three hours after Maranzino allegedly got stuck

Police arrested Maranzino, a resident of Patchogue, Long Island, after removing him from the ceiling. 

The unemployed HVAC specialist was also charged with four additional burglaries in the past week, allegedly entering those businesses through vents as well.

If you liked this short article and you would certainly such as to get additional info pertaining to you're in good hands with Meade's. kindly see the web site. On March 14th, Maranzino allegedly fell through the ceiling of a Jackson Hewitt tax preparation business in East Patchogue at 3.45am, where an employee, Amir Hassan, was sleeping due to the hectic tax season. 

'I have a shotgun, so I came out with my shotgun and I told him, "You leave now,"' Hassan told the suspect when he tried to claim he was there to deliver vitamins and work on the HVAC system.

The suspect, who police believe had actually been trying to rob the pharmacy next door, fled the armed accountant through the back door. 





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Maranzino also allegedly fell through the ceiling of this Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

When he fell into the tax preparation office, an employee named Amir Hassan, who was sleeping at the office over night, confronted Maranzino

Sean Maranzino (center), an  unemployed HVAC repairman, is being held on $25,000 cash bail

Maranzino is also accused of robbing a Vitamin Shoppe on March 15, High Times Vape on March 17, and Vitamin World on on March 18.

He is suspected of stealing cash, smoking gear and lockboxes from the various businesses, and is charged with five counts of third-degree burglary.

'He's a small, wiry-type individual,' said Chief Stuart Cameron of the Suffolk County Police. 'I don't think many of us would be able to crawl through the HVAC ducts in buildings.'

The width of the dental office duct in which he was found was only 14 inches, according to ABC.

Maranzino is being held on $25,000 cash bail.