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Golden Gate Bridge 'sings' during high winds

by Beth Headley (2020-07-18)

San Francisco residents were serenaded by the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on Friday as the high winds passed through a new installation on the overpass and released melodic tones that echoed through the city.

Social media users shared videos revealing an eerie and at times angelic humming sound emitting from the bridge, with some claiming they could hear the strange noise from miles away.

The Golden Gate Bridge Sargent explained that the phenomena was the howl of high winds passing through a recently installed sidewalk railing featuring vertical slats on the bridge. 

The new slats were intended to help with wind resistance and are thinner than the ones the bridge had prior, allowing more air to pass through. But as air rushes through at high speeds, it emits a sound not so different than that of a wind instrument. 

On Friday powerful wind gusts of 45 to 60 miles per hour were reported in San Francisco and Marin counties.