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The publisher who 'personally decided' would be a global bestseller has revealed how the book changed his life

by Delbert Huitt (2020-08-10)

The publisher who 'personally decided' would be a global bestseller has revealed how the book changed his life. 

Colm Holland, from Sydney, was working as Marketing Director for HarperCollins when he came upon the novel by Paulo Coelho in 1993 and persuaded the company to make it a top priority.

He went on to meet with the author, and was blown away when he began applying the philosophies of the book to his own life.

Colm, who has written his own guide to spiritual fulfillment, has credited the book with leading him to quit his job, and follow his 'dream' of setting up his own business, which went on to become the most successful independent digital marketing agency in Australia at the time. 

Colm Holland, from Sydney, has revealed how global bestseller The Alchemist transformed his life after he discovered the manuscript at work 

In 1993 Colm was working at HarperCollins where he received piles of manuscripts in the mail from the company's editorial department in San Francisco. Should you have any kind of questions with regards to wherever in addition to the best way to make use of turn to us for digital marketing, you can email us with the web site.   

Bestsellers of the day included sports biographies, crime fiction, thrillers and racy romance novels. 


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As part of his role of Marketing Director, he would review and decide which upcoming books should be distributed.

But searching through the pile of manuscripts, Colm found The Alchemist and said he was 'struck' by the unusual cover art. 

Colm discovered the manuscript for The Alchemist at work, and said he immediately knew it would be a global bestseller after reading it for the first time  

The author was an unknown Brazilian author, with notes detailing how the novel was the first English translation of the original Portuguese texts.