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Follow Simple Instructions For Effective Functioning of Septic Tank

by Laurel Wilhite (2020-09-01)

Septic tank is the most common option for all the houseowners for treating their sewage water in an efficient manner. Septic tank collects all the sewage waste from lavatories, bathrooms, washing stations, and kitchen and dispose them into the cement container. There are two types of septic systems, one is cement septic container and the other is plastic container.

Cement containers are rectangular in shape, heavy weight and have a lid on the top for sewage access. Despite having heavy weight, most of the people prefer to install cement containers in their houses. These septic tanks should be maintained well for its efficient functioning. Every houseowner should know about the functioning of this tank and tips for its effective maintenance.

Few simple tips of this system can reduce the risk in future and avoid major problems like repair or replacements. Every hosueowner having these containers should clean or pump it for atleast once in a year. Cleaning and pumping of this system depends on the size of the containers installed, number of people in the house, and usage of water.

If the tank does not undergo cleaning or pumping, then it will sure leads to some major problems like blockage or clogging in the leachfield, repair or replacements. All the solid waste materials enter into the tank and become full after certain period of time. Every tank has to be cleaned for alteast once a year, two years, or 3 years. If the size of the tank is more, then it has to be cleaning for every 2 years.

To avoid sewage problems in your house, one should follow few simple precautions that will let the system to function in an effective way for long period. The presented below are few things that must be avoided for its normal functioning.

• Avoid using materials like grease or oil, as this can raise few problems in your tank.
• Do not rush heavy water at a time.
• Better to keep trees away from the septic system
• Avoid disposing solid waste material like cat litter, sanitary napkins, coffee grounds, disposable diapers, tampons, facial tissues, paper towels, or cigarette butts and filters. These materials will block the system.
• Avoid overusing of heavy cleaners as they kill beneficial bacteria in the container.
• Avoid disposing hazardous chemicals like paint thinners, varnish, motor oils, gasoline and other chemicals can damage the system.
• Perform regular cleaning and pumping of your system.

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