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Anti-maskers have been flouting new

by Lacy MacNeil (2020-09-02)

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Anti-maskers have been flouting new coronavirus laws in force today which make the wearing of face coverings in shops, banks and shopping centres across England compulsory.

Lara Crabb spoke of people avoiding her 'like the plague' as she filmed herself shopping in a farm store and a Tesco branch in Devon without covering her nose and mouth with a mask. 

Meanwhile tattoo artist Aron Walton filmed himself entering a Sainsbury's branch without a face covering which he dismissed as useless as he told staff they cannot enforce the new policy.

In London a Twitter account under the moniker 'Mr.

Grunter' filmed the moment he entered a Boots store and asked a guard if he could enter without a face covering as he claimed he 'can't wear a mask'. 

And a shocking video posted on Facebook entitled 'play by your own rules' shows Reis Daniel being told to wear a mask in Sainsbury's before grabbing a bag of sweets without paying and running out the store laughing.

The videos were uploaded as shoppers in other parts of England confronted other customers for not wearing masks, while McDonald's staff kicked out diners for not covering their faces.

People in England now have to wear masks in all shops, stations, banks and post offices, though there is confusion with different firms having different policies on coverings - and whether or not to force customers to wear them.

Sainsbury's, Asda, Co-Op and Costa Coffee are among the firms saying they would not police the coronavirus rules, which also require people to cover their faces in all transport hubs, shopping centres and petrol stations.

McDonald's, on the other hand, are enforcing the rules, with customers in a Chelmsford, Essex branch ordered to leave the fast food diner for not wearing a face mask.    

Meanwhile, customers reported seeing fights break out in supermarkets, with masked shoppers confronting those not wearing a covering.  One person wrote: '10:05am I entered Sainsbury's, 10:08am there's a fight in the second isle because someone hasn't got a mask on and the lady with her kid was panicking and shouting at the anti masker .....

end result? Lady picks up a tub of double cream and throws it in their face.' 

It comes as:

  • Boris Johnson admitted that his Government could have done things 'differently' early on in the pandemic; 
  • A Tory peer and health minister today suggested that gloves could also become mandatory when shopping; 
  • Care minister Helen Whately defended the short notice regarding the issuing of guidance just yesterday;
  • Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the move was essential for preventing a second wave of coronavirus;  
  • Union leaders have voiced fears that the new rules on face coverings could put workers' safety at risk.