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Tessa Majors' murder suspect, 13, was 'id'd by his sneakers'

by Tony Solar (2020-09-08)

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Tessa Majors, 18, was stabbed to death on December 11 

An NYPD cop testified on Tuesday that he identified the sole suspect to be charged in Tessa Majors' murder because the 13-year-old boy was wearing the same sneakers as a teen filmed leaving the park afterwards. 

Majors was attacked as she walked through Morningside Park on the Upper West Side at December 11. 

Days later, the NYPD arrested the 13-year-old boy - who is choosing not to name because he is a minor - on trespassing charges. 

Detectives say that once in custody, he confessed to being part of the group that killed her, but said he stood and watched as two older boys stabbed her.

The two 'other boys' he referred to have both been questioned and released.

A grand jury is now weighing charges against them. 

At a pre-trial hearing on Tuesday where Tessa's father was present, police officer Randys Ramos Luna testified how he tracked the boy down. 

He had watched a grainy surveillance video of three young teens leaving the park shortly after the murder took place and, according to The New York Post, thought they must be students at a nearby middle school in Harlem. 

He went to a residential area near the school and found the 13-year-old. 


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Luna said that he played the boy the video and the boy, without being prompted, lifted up his pant leg to show him the sneakers he was wearing that were the same as the sneakers one of the boys was wearing in the video. 

He was booked on trespassing, Luna said, then charged later when he 'confessed' to it. 

Tessa was stabbed at these stairs in Morningside Park, on the Upper West Side, in December last year

The boy's attorneys have already poured scorn on the alleged 'confession'.

They say it was made when none of them were present.  

The two other boys were questioned and released without charge, despite the NYPD plastering one of their faces around the national media claiming he was 'on the run' somewhere 'in the South'.   

Tuesday's hearing was the beginning of the process of determining what kind of evidence will be allowed at the 13-year-old boy's trial.  

Majors was attacked as she walked through the park in the late afternoon. 

She was a freshman at Barnard College and the murder sent shockwaves through the city. 

Many said it was reminiscent of 1970s and 1980s crime in New York. 

Police union chiefs blamed Bill de Blasio for it, saying he is making it difficult for regular cops to crack down on street crime. 

Majors' family have not issued a condemnation against anyone.

They say they just want to know what happened to her.

Tributes to Tessa outside Morningside Park.

No one has yet been convicted of her murder