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Police chief says he 'accidentally' made post threatening protesters

by Carlo Threlkeld (2020-09-28)

A small-town Iowa police chief has issued an apology after facing widespread condemnation for posting a comment on Facebook that referred to Black Lives Matter protesters as 'road bumps.' 

Sioux Rapids Police Chief Tim Porter emphatically insisted in a statement released on Monday that he posted the remark 'accidentally' and that it was a 'horrible mistake.' 

The Iowa news station shared a video on its Facebook page on Sunday showing a pickup truck plowing into a crowd of protesters rallying outside a Hy-Vee grocery store in Des Moines. 

Sioux Rapids Police Chief Tim Porter on Monday issued an apology for posting a comment on Facebook that referred to Black Lives Matter protesters as 'road bumps'

Porter weighed in on the incident in the comments section, writing in all caps: 'HIT THE GAS AND HANG ON OVER THE ROAD BUMPS. Should you loved this information as well as you desire to be given more info with regards to or to request an estimate—our experts are happy to discuss your needs and help you achieve greater indoor comfort. kindly visit the web page. ' 

The police chief used his personal Facebook page featuring a large photo of President Donald Trump. The account has since been deleted. 

Porter, who has deleted his personal Facebook page (pictured), claimed he posted the commented 'accidentally' 

As screenshots of Porter's comment spread on social media, some users have accused the police chief of advocating violence against protesters, while others defended his right to express his personal opinions. 

Amid the backlash, Porter released the statement to KCCI seeking to explain what happened.  

'I have a huge apology to all that saw my Facebook page yesterday of myself making a comment about running over a person in the street holding a USA sign,' he wrote. 'Someone called me last night and asked me about it, I was just surprised myself. 

'I was on another post working and somehow it accidentally was posted on the wrong post. I just want to publicly apologize for my horrible mistake, my posting was a total accident. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm all for peaceful protest, bad cops getting removed. 

'People that know me, know I would never encourage anyone to run over any protester or anyone. I'm for change like everyone. I feel horrible for my mistake. I'm sorry for all the confusion.'