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Calgary Waste Disposal Facts You Need To Know

by Phoebe Lent (2020-10-29)

Loving the act and process of rubbish removal takes a serious amount of time, although Calgary junk removal experts seem to be born with this passion (or at least learned their way to appreciate the City of Calgary dump more than anybody else does).


Whether you are new to Calgary or not, we've figured you may need some insights about waste management schemes in our beloved city.

Read on and learn something new (or refresh what you already know).

#1 Statistics

Local authorities tell us that when it comes to junk removal, Calgary residents and households produce 65% green waste, food and yard wastes that can be used as compost, 15% blue waste, items that can be recycled, reused or upcycled, and 20% black waste, that rubbish that goes directly to any Calgary dump.

#2 Green Waste

The city government allocates one green cart to every single-family household in Calgary and says waste collection wouldn't cost anything this year. A collection pail and a few plastic bags would also be provided for pail liners and paper and yard waste.
This means that your food scraps, pet wastes gathered in certified compostable bags, and yard junk that can be composted can go to these green bins for collection. *Tip: Paper towels used for food, paper plates, and tea bags can also be collected.

#3 Blue Waste

Your recyclables should go to your blue carts, such as paper, cardboard, food containers (bags, jars, bottles, etc.) for collection. One thing you everyone must remember is that you don't need to place these reusable items in a garbage bag, except for shredded paper that must be packed in a clear plastic container.

For larger items that just won't fit, recycling facilities can handle them, or you can also wait for the next week's collection for any excess. We have Calgary metal recycling for your scrap metals appliances and electronic recycling. If you have any questions regarding where and the best ways to use Besides being a locally owned company, you could call us at our own page. Calgary private businesses offer these services as well, where you possibly might get paid for qualified items.

If you just don't know how or where to (or have little time) to dispose of these recyclables, you can always call junk removal companies to help you out.

#4 Black Waste

For everything else that you would usually throw in a garbage bin must go to your black cart, which can hold up to 4 standard trash bags (max.

load of 20 kgs each.) Just be careful not to put household hazardous wastes in, which include anything corrosive, flammable, and toxic. If you find yourself wanting to clean out your home and get these HHWs out of your sight, you can either bring them to a drop-off location (provided they are properly stored and labeled) or call your preferred junk removal company for help.

After all, Calgary waste disposal authorities tell us that as homeowners and residents of this city, it is our sole obligation to make sure our house is clean and tidy, and that garbage should never pile up by any means. Failure to do so may cost anywhere between $125-1000 penalty.

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