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Save Money on Car Body Repairs

by Rocco Gallo (2020-11-06)

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The cost of current car body repairs is quite alarming considering it's not a niche industry and is something that in demand on a day to day basis. In any other field if a service is as popular as a car body repair service the price would be relevant to the demand, the more popular the cheaper the service and vicer versa. So why is the price of car body repairs so expensive? It's mainly down to the static accident repair centres whose overhead costs such as equipment, insurances, materials and labour charges are very high. There are mobile car body repair services that are cheaper than an accident repair centres but these types of services are restricted to small to medium area repairs (bumper scuffs, dents, scratches and stone chips) where anything larger like a crash repair is well beyond anything that they can handle. The best way to try and save money on having any type of car body repair carried out is to prevent it in the first place, just take care when driving and parking.

When you park your car always try to park as far away from any other car as you can, if it means you might have a little bit of a walk to your destination then so be it, it will be cheaper to walk that distance then having to pay for a dent or scratch repair.

Try to avoid driving on main motorways, for 80% of all stone chips on vehicles are caused on these busy high speed stretches of roads by impacts of small stones or debris on the car's front panels. If you can't avoid these then try to drive in the inside lane at slower speeds, you should avoid the majority of stone impacts.

Always keep your car clean and polish it once in a while, by doing this it will keep the run off of water when it rains as smooth as possible not allowing water to be caught up on bits of grime and debris or welling up in rust prone areas like seals where rust can set in.

If you do have scratches or scuffs on bumpers, doors or wings try to buy some touch up paint for your car. If you have a steady hand you can do a pretty good job in touching in the damage. This will make the car look more presentable and if the scratch is down to the metal will stop or even prevent the onset of rust depending on how quick you touch in the damage after the scratch or scuff has happened.

As stated above it's always better to prevent car body damage, so try to follow these simple guides and you should, hopefully be ok. Just remember if the damage is too severe then it's always better to have it repaired by a professional.

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