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Roof Tiles India is Real Strong And Demanding Quality

by Mona Steinmetz (2020-11-20)


Roofing Tiles in India are on the decline on the manufacturing side, Mangalore once the hub and Pioneer of roofing in the country boasted of major manufacturing facilities.
With times changing and demand for better Clay Roof Tiles coming up these factories have diminished and only a few remain. Reasons being the non availability of good quality of clay and labour and more so with the architects and builders becoming aware of better quality of Terracotta Roof Tiles now in the market from all over the globe.

Boral experienced this at exhibitions when we displayed our Boral Roof Tiles, client and architects sighed relief that no more do we have to rely on the poor quality of the locally manufactured roof tiles. The usual complaints being, these tiles gathered algae/fungi and moss at most times, leakages and breakages were very common. Manufacturing was done on these tiles without any new ideas and it was just the same old moulds and dies that were used earlier that were carrying on, no Research & Development has been done so far on making them better and superior or even comparable to world standards.

Boral has introduced a wide range of Roofing Tiles with a big variety of colour and profile to suit every need and to last forever.

Boral Roof Tiles go on to Guarantee the products for a period of 50 years, which is the conviction and faith they have about their product range. The technical backup behind Boral Clay Roof Tiles owes itself to the quality of manufacturing and Concrete Pavers the latest methods used both in forming these at the initial stage and then firing them to the highest of temperatures.

Roof Tiles India now have to go a change as the undercurrent is real strong and demanding quality and we at Boral are committed to deliver this and are always on the process of finding new and better ways of creating better products and plazas there is a process of continued up gradation and R & D always on to discover better mechanisms to deliver better products.

Something interesting that we discovered at our exhibitions during displaying of Clay Roof Tiles in India was that people were worried about the strength of our Terracotta Roof Tiles.

They would ask whether if someone walked on them, would they snap or IPE Wood Deck Tiles break in two, what if a monkey ran on the roof would they break....! Of course not, that was because the locally made clay roof tiles were firstly not made well in the green stage, then they were not fired well resulting in their being highly porous and this provides an ideal base for algae and fungi to settle on them as a result they lack compressive strength and finally cave in. This is where world-class competitive technologies come in and deliver quality.

Boral is now committed to providing good quality comes with a cost so we should not compare costs and qualit while procuring products, whether you go in for low costs or for good quality finally is the call of the client.

Pioneer Caps & Slopes, a sister concern of the well known Pioneers of Quality Bricks, Clay Pavers and Face Bricks in India, Pioneer Bricks Pvt Ltd are now committed to providing good quality roof tiles resourced from the best manufacturers worldwide.