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A family court judge was accused of abusing his position and pulled from his post just five weeks before he was found dead in bushland

by Rex Tamayo (2020-11-24)

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A family court judge was accused of abusing his position and pulled from his post just five weeks before he was found dead in bushland.

Federal Circuit Court Judge Guy Andrew, 55, disappeared from his home in Brisbane early Sunday morning, leaving his wallet and shoes behind.

Judge Guy Andrew, 55, has been found dead in thick bushland five days after he went missing near his home in Brisbane

His body was found in bushland just 1km from his abandoned Toyota HiLux near his favourite walking track in Mt Coot-tha on Thursday, after a huge search.

The judge's distraught wife Nicole and two daughters have now issued a statement thanking the community for their support during the trying time. 

The moving message comes as details are revealed about the controversial cases which saw him recalled from the courts.

Judge Andrew was the sole FCC judge in North Queensland until he was recalled to Brisbane for 'retraining and mentoring' while his hearings were monitored.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal several lawyers were 'distressed' by his conduct in his short time on the bench since March 2019, and he was the subject of two official complaints. 

Meanwhile his heartbroken family have issued the message through close friend and solicitor Nick Dore.

A widespread search was sparked after Federal Circuit Court Judge Guy Andrew's car was found abandoned on the side of the road.

His body was found on Thursday

An aerial map (picture) of the area in Brisbane where Judge Guy's car was found in relation to where his body was later found, kilometres away 

'On behalf of Nicole, Morgan and Bridget they have asked me to express their thanks and gratitude to all the friends, family and volunteers who took the time and travelled far to look for Guy,' Mr Dore said told the .

'Knowing there was so many people helping to look for him gave them strength and hope.'

At the time of his death, Judge Andrew was still in Brisbane and believed to be struggling with his mental health after a series of run-ins at work.

One of those saw his ruling in a custody battle overturned in a scathing August 28 appeal judgement that condemned his conduct in extraordinary terms.

A full bench of the Family Court found he was so 'hectoring, insulting, belittling, sarcastic and rude' towards the father's lawyers there was no chance of a fair trial.

'We feel bound to add here that the primary judge's interventions, his cruel, insulting, humiliating and rude interactions with the father's Queen's Counsel and his solicitor, amounted to an abuse of the power of his position,' they wrote.

Graeme Page QC (pictured) quit the case for Adacot & Sowle after 'cruel, insulting, humiliating and rude interactions' from Judge Guy Andrew

'In our view it must be redressed by allowing the appeal, lest the integrity of the judicial system be undermined.'

The case, known by the pseudonym Adacot & Sowle, argued whether the mother should be allowed to move with her seven-year-old daughter from NSW to Brisbane.

Judge Andrew allowed the mother to move and ordered the couple be granted equal responsibility for the child on September 26 2019.

But it was his court demeanour that prompted the successful appeal after the father's barrister Graeme Page QC claimed he made his life hell, as well as for solicitor Michael Dwyer.

The appeal judges cites hundreds of lines of court transcripts in which Judge Andrew was found to have relentlessly bullied the pair to the point where Mr Page quit the case. If you loved this short article and you wish to receive much more information about ensuring that Your former spouse or partner respects your legal rights can be A challenge. generously visit the web-page.  

'The tone, nature and ferocity of his Honour's comments could never be seen as justified, and in our view resulted in the father not receiving a fair trial and raised the identified apprehended bias, that no matter what the father's case was as presented, it would be rejected,' the appeal judges ruled.

It was Judge Andrew's court demeanour that prompted the successful appeal after run-ins with barrister Graeme Page QC (left) and solicitor Michael Dwyer (right)

This included accusing them of lying, questioning their honesty, intellect, and professionalism, and chewed up hours with petty bickering.

'There was no basis for the primary judge to impugn the professionalism of the father's Queens Counsel in the manner he did or at all,' they noted.