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The Responsibilities of Orange County Child Custody Attorneys

by Jurgen Ruddell (2020-11-24)

In family law cases that involve a divorce, neglect or abuse or matters that are taken to the juvenile court, a child custody attorney works towards protecting the rights of the minors involved in the case. The role of the attorney is to represent the minor in the court and fight for what is in the best of the minor's interests.

  1. A family law attorney in Long Beach, CA would conduct investigations to get a complete understanding of the situation.
  2. The attorney would also request hearings and then participate in all the court hearings and negotiations.
  3. Child custody attorneys in Orange County also have the responsibility to obtain all relevant records regarding the child as well as the parents involved in the case.
  4. After receiving all the required documents from the court and all the important notices, the attorneys also need to ascertain and present the wishes of the child to the court.
  5. Collecting the child support payments and making suggestions to the court are also some of the responsibilities of the child custody attorneys in Orange County. Apart from the obvious cases where a marriage has to be dissolved, there are several other situations where the child custody attorneys have to be consulted. Examples of such cases involve the juvenile court and special education.
  • In juvenile court proceedings, the attorney co-ordinates the court services with the agencies involved in the case. Also, the resources and treatment programs that are available, recommended or being offered to the children need to be analyzed by the attorney and coordinated with the rest of the proceedings.
  • The attorney investigates the circumstances of a criminal charge against a child. Based on these investigations, it becomes their responsibility to come up with suggestions for the court regarding a suitable disposition of the case.
  • Child advocates also research the legislative proposals and lobby state legislatures on behalf of children's rights.
  • There are dedicated child attorneys who represent children and parents with special needs. Should you cherished this information in addition to you would want to get more information concerning ABOUT JSBELL LAW i implore you to go to our own site. This happens in case of issues that are related to the services and treatment of the children in school districts. The prime aim is to ensure that special needs children receive appropriate public education as provided by the law.
  • Finally, it is the responsibility of the child custody or family law attorneys to educate the children as well as their parents to make them aware of their rights. They counsel the guardians regarding their legal access to resources.

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