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How to Start up an HVAC System in Uae to Prevent Damage From Heavy Use

by Alena Sorenson (2020-12-03)

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Most schools, once closed down for summer, shut off their air conditioning equipment in UAE. Families leave their HVAC systems unused for months during the harsh summers here in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this can lead to issues with mustiness and trapped heat inside these walls. More importantly, it can create issues with the mechanical workings of your HVAC unit. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your HVAC systems operating effectively without breaking down.

When machinery such as your HVAC system in UAE is left off for long periods of time, it can create huge problems for the machinery inside. HVAC units are typically not meant to be left idle in this manner. It can cause mold growth on your interiors, including your furniture and the AC unit itself. The most common biological problem is an excess of humidity which lends itself to strong odors and mustiness which can cause physical symptoms such as difficulty of breath. Besides, motor equipment is meant to stay running. Sudden heavy use after a long time can lead to tripped currents or even total breakdown of the unit. It can also take a while for certain parts to get back on form, having been dried out and settled over the months they weren't in operation. Usually, within a week of bumpy usage, your HVAC unit should be back to regular performance standards.

There are preventative measures you can take, which mostly involve cleaning and maintenance. Highly reputed consultants will tell you about the importance of performing routine maintenance on your HVAC system in UAE as well as a detailed clean up. Cleaning the coils carefully and thoroughly is particularly advantageous. Find a reputable contractor that will recommend practices according to the needs of your equipment. You might even be able to handle some of this maintenance yourself. Some common fixes are replacing the air filter, cleaning all the coils, changing the fan belt, and checking out the electrical and coolant components of the air conditioning unit to make sure everything is where it should be. Cleaning all of the coils (even the outside ones) is actually a preventative measure. Regularly well cleaned coils can prevent a lot of mechanical issues and also keep the electrical load low while maintaining a powerful cooling and air quality – be it AC unit replacement;, action, paying off both practically and financially. Clean coils are an essential part of a well working HVAC system in UAE and should not be compromised upon.

There are also many different ways of cleaning the air conditioning unit, which also use different solvents and solutions in order to tackle problems specific to the system. These may have to do with the age of the system as well as the problems it is undergoing. But regardless of the means, the most important part is the end. No matter what you use, the AC unit should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned in order to get the most bangs for your buck.

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