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Increase The Quantity & Quality of Your Referrals Professional Counselors

by Iva Bequette (2020-12-04)

Actually, a better question is how to increase the size of your circle to include more people.
In order to refer you business, people need to know, like, and trust you. They want to be sure that you will take good care of the clients they send you. For that, they'd like to be better acquainted than just hearing your name. We all seemed to be encountering the unvaried quaternion roadblocks:

  • Client Connections
  • Marketing Connections
  • Peer Connections
  • Personal Connections

To use this approach effectively, it's not just a matter of knowing enough people.

You have to know the right people. Here's how to begin:

Create a most-wanted list of ten occupational categories whose members are frequently in touch with the type of client you desire. For example, a graphic designer who specializes in working with small start-up businesses might choose accountants, attorneys, bankers, business coaches and consultants, business teachers, career counselors, entrepreneurship center staff, office supply vendors, printers, and secretarial services.

Make the acquaintance of ten people in each occupation. Seek them out, meet with them, and familiarize them with your expertise and the benefits of the service you offer. Find out more about what they do and the type of clients they serve so you can refer business to them as well.

Both of your comprehensive consumer link resources let:

Essential power

  • Schedule appointments
  • Download intake forms
  • Online payments
  • Online forums
  • Webinars and discussion calls
  • Circumstance entropy and body
  • E-newsletters with video
  • Video emails

When you aren't able to make enough certified counselors connections through networking and your existing contacts don't be afraid to just look them up.

You can find people in almost any occupation listed in your local phone directory or on the web. If you approach them as a colleague and express your desire for the two of you to help each other are more successful, you'll find many people willing to get better acquainted.

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