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Shocking moment 64-year-old white woman SPITS on black teen

by Leslie Nan (2021-01-06)

A 64-year-old lawyer from suburban Milwaukee was arrested twice over the weekend after she was initially caught on camera on Saturday spitting in the face of a 17-year-old black boy during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Videos circulating on social media show Stephanie Rapkin parking her car in the middle of the street and blocking a protest by hundreds of locals in Shorewood, Wisconsin, on Saturday afternoon.

According to authorities, a Black Lives Matter march was heading south on North Oakland Avenue when Rapkin left her car in the middle of the intersection of East Jarvis Street and North Oakland Avenue so as to obstruct the procession.

Rapkin is then seen walking on the sidewalk and confronting a large group of protesters, most of whom appeared to be in their teens and 20s.