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Tampa Bay slugger Randy Arozarena released from jail in Mexico

by Lesley Denning (2021-01-10)

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Randy Arozarena was released from police custody in Mexico on Thursday after the mother of his two-year-old daughter declined to press charges following a domestic violence incident. 

The child's mother told Yucatán state prosecutors that she was not interested in proceeding with the investigation after the former couple reached an economic settlement, according to local media outlets.

The terms of the agreement are unknown. However, a court judge ordered the woman, identified by a Mexican newspaper Yucatán Ahora as M.C.B., to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and said that if the results are in her favor, the case against Arozarena will be dismissed. 

Tampa Bay Rays slugger Randy Arozarena (left) was released from police custody Thursday in Yucatán, Mexico

The mother of his two-year-old daughter refused to press charges following a domestic violence incident involving the former couple as well as her father

Tampa Bay Rays' Randy Arozarena celebrates a home run during the first inning in Game 6 of the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers


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'The judge, in the absence of a criminal act, granted him freedom,' said Carlos Chablé, Arozarena's lawyer. 'He is free without any criminal history, nothing to claim. There was no crime in this case and he goes clean.'   

Arozarena had been arrested Tuesday for a situation involving custody of his daughter, just two weeks after he won the Babe Ruth award for the Most Valuable Player in the postseason.

The Yucatan state prosecutors' office confirmed that Arozarena was released because the ex-partner said they had settled the dispute.

Arozarena has made no public comment regarding the incident, part of which was captured by on video by neighbors in the Mérida town of El Porvenir.