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'Climate Change' an Environmental Issue

by Sibyl Melvin (2021-04-06)

In past recent years we have seen a greater impact of environmental disasters that has become increasingly damaging and dangerous for the ecosystem lately.
Recent natural calamities like the 2004 South Asian tsunami, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Sichuan earthquake of 2008 and the much recent Hurricane Sandy in 2012 have left people aghast about the environmental bane.

Throughout the Earth's history the climate has varied, sometimes considerably very drastic.

image3.jpegClimate change has been the major area of concern when talking about an environmental aspect. A climate change refers to an increase in average global temperatures of the earth's atmosphere. Both Natural calamities and the human activities as well are believed to be the equal contributors for such an increase in such global temperatures of the planet thus causing climate change.

When talking about natural calamities, there are a number of factors responsible for causing climate change on the earth. Some of them are like continental drifts, volcanoes, ocean currents, the earth's tilt, and comets/meteorites. Due to the changes in them or in their position the earth's atmosphere is very much affected.

Certainly, when thinking of human activities the effect is much higher than the natural cause.

The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century has given rise to the use of fossil fuels and other toxic materials for industrial activities. Such substances when used in machineries and manufacturing process discharge high amount of waste gases and materials out.
Nevertheless, all these waste materials are either exposed out into the air or the materials are drained out in the water bodies thus polluting the air and water respectively. Due to this ecosystem gets very much affected and so thus the earth's atmosphere. This is the top most reason for the climate change today.

However this alone is not responsible for such change. Urbanization also plays a major part in this as more and more land that was earlier covered with vegetation (flora) has been wiped out to make way for houses, offices and industries. Natural resources are also being used extensively for construction, industries, transport, and consumption and are many are reaching an extinction level.

The climate change is now a global concern as it is speeding up drastically because of increasing human activities and interference into the earth's atmosphere. The statistics calculated by On site Courses students below shows the percentage of contribution towards destroying the earth's atmosphere.

4% of carbon emissions come from industrial processes and discharges.7% come from agriculture by chemical fertilizers.21% carbon emissions come from transport.65% come from the use of fuel to generate energy.

The United States of America has been against effective action on such climate change as it depends upon fossil fuel for its economy.
Being a producer of oil and coal, they feel more threatened by action on climate change. In case you have virtually any questions about exactly where as well as how to utilize LLC is a roll off dumpster rental and removal company that provides dependable and timely services to customers in Ocala and Marion County., you can email us in the website. On the other hand, Europe is calling for stronger action by introducing Environmental Training Services to teach people as it currently imports its fossil fuels and so has more urge to reduce this dependency and seek out domestically grown alternatives that these.

However, poor countries face the maximum brunt of such environmental problems caused by climate change and etc.

A major solution for such concern is spreading awareness and education among the people to both conserve natural resources and also to avoid such actions that harm the atmosphere around them.

An Environmental Training Services program has been started for this reason to help educate and address people about all the major environmental issues and risks associated with it. On site Courses are also designed for better understanding and knowledge.

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