Taxonomy and geographical distribution of freshwater Cyclopidae (Crustacea:Copepoda) of the Sudan

Gihan Mahmoud Idris, El Amin El Rayah Mohamed


In this study, twenty genera and species of Cyclopoid Copepods from Sudan were identified; the specimens were collected from different areas: fromKhartoum State, Central, Northern, Western and Eastern Sudan. The specimens were collected from The River Nile, White Nile, Rain pools, water jars and from irrigation Canals. The genera and species foundwere: Mesocyclopsaspercornis, M. major, M. isabellae, M. ogunnus, Mesocyclops sp. (new species), Thermocyclops sp. (new species), T. decipiens, T. rylovi, Microcyclopsdavidi, M. pachyspina, M.rubelloides, Eucyclopsroseus, Eu. ohtakai, Cryptocyclopslinjanticu, Cryptocyclops sp1, Cryptocyclopssp 2, Afrocyclopsgibsoni, Trpocyclopsconfinis,Metacyclops sp. 1 (minutus-group) andMetacyclops sp. 2 (minutus-group). The morphological identification was done in the Museum & Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw- Poland, during the period October 2012- March 2013. The morphologicaldiagnostic characteristics are: presence or absence of spinule patterns on antennular segments; structure of the hyaline membrane of the 17th antennular segment; spine pattern on the basipodite of the antenna; armature of the maxillary palp; presence or absence of a spine on the basipodite of the first pair of legs (P1); armature of the connecting lamella; coxopodite and basipodite of fourth pair of legs (P4); armature of the apical spines of End3P4; armature of the last thoracic segment; genital segment and the other abdominal segments; armature of the furcal rami and structure of the receptaculumseminis.


Copepoda, Cyclopidae, Taxonomy, Morphology, Sudan.

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Sudan Journal of Science (SJS)| Idris & Mohamed, 2015

Sudan Journal of Science (SJS)| January, 2015| Volume 7| Issue 1

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