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Detection and molecular identification of Brucella species infecting Camels in Darfur, Sudan

Zienab A.A. Abdallah, Rania M. H. Baleela


Background: Brucellosis is a wide spread zoonotic disease which is characterized by reduced fertility and abortion in animals and in humans. Although not the primary hosts, camels are highly susceptible to Brucella abortus and B. melitensis. Camel meat and milk are consumed raw some times in Sudan, which may increase the prevalence of brucellosis.

The aim of this study was to screen camels from three districts of  Nyala in South Darfour, Sudan for brucellosis. A sensitive specied-specific PCR assay was adopted for the detection and identification of Brucella spp. in 100 blood samples and 30 milk samples.

Results: 41 camels were positive for Brucella spp.  Out of which, 44% were positive for Brucella abortus, 43% were positive for B. melitensis, and 22% were positive for a co-infection of B. abortus and B. melitensis.The majority of infected samples were collected at the slaughterhouse from camels to be consumed.

Conclusions: The finding of Brucella spp in camels' meat and milk is alarming as Sudanese consumers eat raw camels' liver and drink unpasteurized milk. Therefore the main recommendation of this study is to adopt a sensitive and species-specific PCR protocol for routine detection of brucellosis especially in animals to be slaughtered.


Brucella; species-specific primers; Brucellosis; Camels; Diagnosis; Darfur; Sudan

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