Newsletter feature Article: Women,s Empowerment in Sudan Current Realities and Future Challenges

Fatma Osman Ibnouf


Women’s empowerment has become a frequently cited goal of development interventions. Women’s empowerment is the process by which women redefine gender roles in ways which extends their possibilities for being and doing (Mosedale, 2005, p. 252). There is essential that the concept of women’s empowerment be brought “down to plain Sudanese framework” so that policymakers and development practitioners have concrete goals to strive for. This article presents the current status of Sudanese women’s empowerment and identifies the challenges and opportunities available in order to achieve the destined goals to empower women and also discusses the obstacles that stand in the way of women’s empowerment. When woman is free to make decisions regarding all aspects of her life free of compulsion she has freedom to participate more fully and equally in society and she can be more productive. When woman is empowered, whole families benefit, and these benefits often have ripple effects to future generations.


Women,s Empowerment in Sudan ;Current Realities; Future Challenges

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