A Passage to India: A Critique of Imperialism

Hala Salih Mohammed Nur, Haider Mohammed Mezaal


This paper sheds light on E. M. Forster’s attack against British imperialism in colonial India. It argues that acquiring an official position in the imperialistic administration makes Anglo-Indians so poignant that they start making racial prejudgments about the Indians. This attitude, of course, leads to damage the possibility of establishing friendship between the Indians and the British. The novelist also argues that the inability of comprehending the echo in the caves is yet another cultural barrier; it prevents crossing the bridge between the East and the West. Due to their frustration of establishing friendship with the British, the Indians start fighting for freedom. This paper concludes by highlighting the possibility of future friendship between the British and the Indians.


Imperialism; hegemony;prejudice; colonizer;bias; indigenes; officialism; egocentricity; mysticism; Hinduism

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